Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Launch of the Sussex Butterfly Atlas - by Blencowe and Hulme

The Butterflies of Sussex launch poster by Mark Avery
The Good Ship "The Butterflies of Sussex, a Twenty First Century Atlas" by Michael Blencowe and Neil Hulme had a very successful launch on Thursday the 25th of May. Which is suddenly last month, as we have rushed headlong into June.

It was held at the Booth Museum in Worthing - an incredible place, and the perfect venue.
Michael gave us a talk with slides and music - and it was the best show in town.

I am looking forward to reading our copy of the Atlas - not only informative but entertaining. With some great photos - some by Captain Butterfly himself!

Jean and I visited Maggie yesterday afternoon - her room was baking, but she was lying under the covers and wearing her big woolly cardigan.  Jennifer joined us and we all sat in the lounge for while, which was cooler, and a lovely young Polish nurse bought us a jug of lemonade.

What is going to happen after Brexit?  Will she still be there?  And if not, how will they replace her? And with who?  Will it be with someone as kind and patient as she is?

And Jean and I had a good morning on the work on Tuesday. We covered our territory with the others and then did a couple of calls.

Jackie is still not well...  we did some more shopping and I made her some leek and potato soup, keeping it as bland as possible.

I am now trying to make myself go to the Field Service Group this morning...   all I really want to do is to go back to bed.  Yet I had a good night's sleep.

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