Monday, 5 June 2017

The Troubles

We woke up Sunday morning to news of another terrorist attack in London - 6 killed and counting,  many injured, many traumatised.  Once it was the IRA killing us and now its Islamic fundamentalists.

Who will it be next?   IF the present system of things on the earth continues long enough for the next terror group to arrive.  Hopefully it won't.

Once again I have to ask what have the world's religions been teaching their people down the ages they have had such power and influence.

The talk at the Sunday meeting could hardly have been more timely as it was all about how we do not need to fear the future, IF we trust in Jehovah with all our heart.

Monday... the terror attack is still all over the News.  Are we building up to something... I keep thinking about what the Book of Revelation says will happen next.

On a more mundane level, I did some routine housework - and went to clinic and pharmacy to get Jack's latest medicine, which I delivered in the afternoon.  Stayed for tea and a chat and we both hope hope hope that the new med is finally going to do the trick.   The Siren voice of Butterfly Mark was heard over the phone in the morning and Captain Butterfly flew off, laden with cameras and cakes and sandwiches to look for the emergent Meadow Browns.  

That made me realise that one job for this week is cake-making.

I have done my studying for the day, and did my Expenses Form.  I hate doing it and got rather bad-tempered.  Captain B asked when the next meeting at the Kingdom Hall is.   "Thursday" I snapped.  "Not soon enough!" he barked.

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