Friday, 9 June 2017

Stormy Weather

It was so wild and wet on Tuesday that Jean and I did not go out on the work - though we both did go out, separately, in the afternoon.  It is still windy, and we have had some wonderful seas.   We visited Maggie on Wednesday and got our usual warm welcome.  We are quite good at getting ourselves in and out through all the locks now.

Sunny today, though still quite a wind.    We - Jennifer et moi - plan to visit the young man we have been calling on - hoping he will be at home.   I said we would leave him a fortnight to read and digest the Trinity Brochure.

I was just leaving the Kingdom Hall this morning when I was caught in a very short, very localised, downpour.  Heard thunder, saw no lightning.It has been sunny since, but breezy.   Some brothers and sisters had come over from Worthing to help us reach the deaf people in our area.  Clearly they know how to sign.

We had a very interesting talk at the door and have left some more information with our householder - this time about God's name.    Jesus taught us to pray that his Father's name be hallowed, or sanctified, be made holy. And he said that he had made his Father's name known.

At John 17:26 Jesus said:  "I have made your name known to them and will make it known, so that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them."

So we feel that, as Christians, we too must make Jehovah's name known.

Anyway, I hope that we have planted some seeds.   He did think for quite a long time about God's name and why it was never mentioned in the church he attends.

And of course I now have yet another chapter for my interminable series "I Drove to Angmeriing". The thrill is wearing off even for me, never mind my poor readers.  And of course for those driving behind me as I never get out of third gear these days.

Jackie is no better... I hope to do some shopping for her over the weekend, but it won't be till Sunday as I have a very busy day coming up tomorrow, if all goes to plan.

Captain Butterfly is off on a Butterfly expedition with Dan.

And I chose the cover for my about to be published thriller!   I had a choice of two - both of which I liked.  Title to be revealed soon - it will have a blog of its own.

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