Thursday, 15 June 2017

A Towering Inferno

The fire at Grenfell Towers in West London has killed who knows how many people.  Will we ever really know?    There will be so many enquiries and post mortems, but at the moment who can really say why it went up like a Roman Candle, leaving no time for those trapped on the top floors to escape.

They were going about their business, in their homes, and were suddenly engulfed by a nightmare.

As the Christian Greek Scriptures say "all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together".  But when the rescue comes, the dead will not be forgotten.   So I hope all those killed in the fire are held safe in "the everlasting arms" and have a wonderful awakening ahead of them. They fell asleep in a nightmare, but will wake up in the restored earthly paradise.

I was out this afternoon with one of the young pioneer sisters, trying to tell all who will listen about the incoming Kingdom of God. And Jean and I spent the afternoon with Maggie yesterday.  It was very hot.

Dorothy of South Island arrives tomorrow, so much of today was taken up with dusting, polishing, and getting the washing done.

Captain B drove Jacks to her hospital visit, and she came back here for tea and a biscuit and to pick up the soup I had made for her - leek, potato and basil.  At last she seems to be getting better - and may even join the Captain, me, Dorothy of the South, and Linda on Saturday night.

I must think what to cook - or, more probably, what to Cook (what to buy from Cooks.

Some wonderful news from the Brighton Branch of the family.  Amy has got a First!!  

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