Sunday, 28 May 2017

Moth City

Figure of Eighty, Tethea ocularis
Captain Butterfly assures me that our balcony was Moth City last night.    It is strange thunderstormy weather at the moment. Did that have something to do with it?  Anyway, I am glad we provided them with a bed for the night.
Maiden's Blush, Cyclophora punctaria
Heart and Dart, Agrotis exclamationis

Mottled Pug, Eupithecia exiguata

Jean and I had a lovely morning on the doors yesterday, driving round, doing our calls.  We seemed to plan it out well (for a change), and we both found one of our callees who we hadn't seen for a long time at home and got a good welcome.

The article about The Four Horsemen is proving popular and there are no more magazines left. I still have 3 route calls to do this month, but have magazines saved for them.

Jen and I called on the young minister on Friday morning and spent half an hour with him.  He had set out chairs in the garden for us, so I was in the sun, which was difficult for me.  But we had a good talk and we left him with the Trinity Brochure.  He has gone straight to the heart of the matter, in that the central doctrine of Christendom is the Trinity, which we believe is not only not Biblical, but contradicts what the Inspired Scriptures tells us about God.

He is a lovely genuine guy - with a great family.   And he heroically rescued us by throwing himself in front of the shed under construction just as it began to topple on us.  It suddenly blew down in the high wind.

There are many who would have left us to our fate!

Poor Jackie still not well...   Col did her shopping for her yesterday morning as I was out with Jean.  And we are hoping she might feel well enough to join us for a glass of wine over the next few days.

Thing seem to be happening re my Eco-thriller "Small Island" - now re-named, Name to be revealed later.

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