Monday, 12 June 2017

The Norfolk Swallowtail

Swallowtail, Papilio machaon britannicus
We - that is to say Jean and I - managed to get it into our heads on Saturday morning that the Field Service Group was cancelled because the children of the household were ill.   So we set off, on our own, early,  and started on our calls.   We always have lots of calls to do.  Return visits, magazine route calls, we never catch up. I doubt that any of us do.

Anyway, as we drove along - stopping, starting, in and out of cul-de-sacs -we kept meeting our brothers and sisters who were also out on the preaching work. Which was lovely  - and also informative, as we found out there was no problem with the group at all.   Something had gone wrong with the grapevine.  Or, more likely, Jean and I had simply forgotten to activate our shared brain cell that morning.

Then I ran Jean back home, rushed back had some lunch and picked her up again and we went to the Hall for the Broadcast.

We had tea and cakes and then stopped afterwards for Hall cleaning.  It was such a hot day - and I had a headache by the evening.

Captain Butterfly is back from his butterfly weekend in Norfolk. They had a wonderful time.   Swallowtails galore.  One of these Swallowtails will surely be appearing on next year's calendar.

I have poached one of his lovely photos for my blog.  What a beautiful world Jehovah has made for us. And what a lovely thought to fill it with flying flowers.

A mountain of butterfly paperwork has arrived - there has been a Membership Drive, clearly successful.  Everyone will be rejoicing except the poor beleaguered membership secretary - myself.

So that is today taken care of. But first I must get to Waitrose to do Jackie's shopping.  She is still not at all well.

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