Friday, 23 June 2017


Jean and I had a good morning out on Tuesday. We didn't go to the Field Service Meeting at the Kingdom Hall as Jean had a doctor's appointment.  I took her there, and we both had some calls in the locale and got those done.  We finished in time for me to get to Waitrose to do Jackie's shopping for her.

On Wednesday morning I sent a card off to Marcin, in intensive care in Sydney, and also posted Dave's magazine to him. I usually send it at the beginning of the month and was surprised to find I hadn't done so this time.  They both got sent one of the lovely bird cards I got at the launch of The Sussex Butterfly Atlas.

IT IS SO HOT. in the nineties.  Jean and I braved it to Maggie's and found to our relief that the window in her room was open and the door propped open. She doesn't allow that. Ever. But she wasn't there.  We tracked her down to the lounge where she was sitting over a cold drink and she was so pleased to see us.

We had a thunderstorm yesterday.  Which we needed.   Jen and I sheltered in my car until it was over.  So we only managed 15 minutes on the doors but it was quite a productive 15 minutes as we have arranged to see the guy next Friday.

Tomorrow is the annual party at Dan's. It is their twentieth anniversary, which is good going.    I can't say I have done much today - done my study for Sunday, a load of washing, made lunch (soup again), and - well, that is about it...

It is much much COOLER now. Thank goodness.

I have been going through the official version of my Dive Thriller - launch date to be announced any day now. Will anyone buy it?

I think my writers royalty income has been about one hundred pounds so far.   Not exactly J K Rowling.   I would love to be able to make some money for my young publisher though.

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