Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Three Thousand Point Turn

I noticed that Jean was praying as I tried to get out of the cul-de-sac I had driven us into on Saturday morning. And I am very grateful she was. It was full of cars and vans and what nots and I had to turn the car by the millimetre to get out.  But I did get safely out without bumping into anything, so Jehovah must have kindly listened.    We had worked on our territory with a group of siblings and were doing some of my route calls on the way back to Jean's place.

We found a couple in and got a warm welcome.  I really must offer Mike a home Bible study next time I call.  However, Jean reminded me to tell him about the website:, and as he is a computer buff, he is going to have  look.

Captain Butterfly has fluttered off to the woods and is out of phone reach.  Jackie is back, hurray! She rang us last night and we are invited round for supper at the weekend.   I did some calls on my way back from the meeting this morning...   neither of my magazine route calls was in, but I did find a return visit at home.  He hovered over accepting a "What Does the Bible Really Teach?"  book, but in the end decided not to.   I have to hope and pray that something stays in his mind and that he will talk to the next JW who calls on him. I walked past the Talking Gate, which is also on that road - its one of those private roads you can't park on.  And I would have liked to call and see if the Gate will speak again, and if it liked the Tract it allowed me to leave in its letterbox.  But I need to have someone with me, just in case it should ask me in.  

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