Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The House of Three Sandwich Fillings (and a trip to the Natural History Museum)

We are no longer The House of Three Milks when Bea visits, as she is no longer on the soya milk, but we were the House of Three Sandwich Fillings on our trip to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition yesterday.   Chicken and chutney for the Captain, Chicken for Bea, and Hummus for me.  Jackie came with us.  She organised her own sandwiches, and joined us in a carrot cake.

My first trip to London for an age, and I was worried about it - had something of a sleepless night. But with Captain B's help I did it.  We got taxis to and from the Museum, rather than our usual bus, which helped, though I found deplaning from the taxi very difficult (and ungraceful).  If anyone had wanted to put an end to the Brit monarchy they would have done well to have married me off to one of the Princelings.  One tabloid shot of me trying (and failing) to exit my car gracefully on a State occasion, and the mystique would have gone.

There were so many lovely and wonderful photos - especially in the children's section - that its impossible to pick a favourite, but the one I would have chosen for my wall was  GOLDEN BIRCH by Herfried Marek of Austria.   Beautiful.

And when we got back I found that Bea had bought me the Golden Birch mug from the shop!

There were lots of images of it on sale - clearly its just what the public likes. The judges had chosen a black and white of resting lions as the Photo of Photos.  I liked it, but I think the most important thing from the judging point of view was that it isn't the one us plebs would have chosen.

I must say how lovely all the staff there are.  And the new loos are good.  Clean, and no queues.

Hopefully, we will be at next years Exhibition, which, goodness knows, will come round quickly enough.

We had a rare family get together on Sunday - nine of us - chicken salad lunch, hot potatoes and hot bread, followed by apple crumble, ice cream, and Eton mess.  And then a walk on the beach.

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