Monday, 4 May 2015

The Moth Fly Dancer

Moth Fly, Pericoma species
When Captain Butterfly rang me from the wood today he said he had seen a Moth Fly dancing on a leaf, trying to attract a lady moth fly.  I hope he found a young and lovely one.  As indeed the Captain did, many years ago at Uni, when he did his moth fly dance at the Student hop.  Well, he found me at any rate.  Perhaps the dancing moth fly will do a bit better.

What a wonderful and intricate world it is.  When you think of the tiny moth fly and his wonderful dance. And the little eggs that will result if he finds his beautiful lady.  And the complex packaging within those eggs, that will produce further moth flies and further courtship dances, I wonder if you would consider these questions, about the very stuff of life, the DNA.

DNA is packaged within the chromosomes in a manner so efficient that it has been called a “feat of engineering.”
Question: How could such order and organization arise by undirected chance events?

DNA’s capacity to store information still has no equal in today’s computer age.
Question: If human computer technicians cannot achieve such results, how could mindless matter do so on its own?

DNA contains all the instructions needed to build a unique human body and maintain it throughout life.
Question: How could such writing come about without a writer, such programming without a programmer?

For DNA to work, it has to be copied, read, and proofread by a swarm of complex molecular machines called enzymes, which must work together with precision and split-second timing.
Question: Do you believe that highly complex, highly reliable machinery can come about by chance? Without solid proof, would not such a belief amount to blind faith?

(Extracted from "The Origin of Life" Brochure, published by The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society).

In what way could this have just happened?  The more we know about the creation, the more we can see its Grand Designer, Jehovah, the God of Abraham.   The creation, in its beauty and complexity, is telling us louder and louder every day.  And the Inspired Scriptures assure us that God is love, that we do not live in a Darwinian world, that nature was not created "red in tooth and claw" and that paradise will be restored.

What else are we praying for when we say the Lord's prayer?

I was able to sleep last night and am now pretty much out of pain, which is so wonderful.  Linda and friend are coming over for a tea, and I am in the middle of my usual Monday housework.  At least I am able to do it. I could not even get myself out of a chair yesterday without Captain Butterfly's help and a great deal of pain.

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