Wednesday, 20 May 2015

In which I win a Teapot and a Cosy

Monday night we were at the Arundel Wetland Trust with Terry. The talk was on the birds of the Wallacea: Where Continents Collide.

Amazing birds. Especially the nightjars and the kingfishers.  Surprising fact of the evening:  not all kingfishers fish!   Well, it was surprising to me anyway.   A great talk.  The Speaker, John Eyre, loved and knew his subject and really enthused us.

Terry treated us to a cup of tea and a strawberry cream sponge in the interval. And I won a teapot and knitted teacosy in the raffle.   Terry had already won it and given it back. And when I got it, the lady in charge asked me if I wanted it.  "Yes I DO", I said indignantly, clutching it to me, stamping my feet and revving up for a temper tantrum if necessary.    Old age really is a second childhood in many ways, but without the throwing yourself on the floor and kicking and screaming bit of the tantrum. Well, not unless there is a big crane on hand to get you back up again.

I plan to buy some proper Earl Grey now I have my little teapot.

Wet and stormy for most of Monday, with stormy seas.  Tuesday is starting off bright and sunny, with waves, but thunderstorms and hail are forecast for later.  I hope I shall get myself out on the work.

I did.   And Beryl and I did an hour together. She too has problems if she walks for too long so we were well suited, and she came with me on a couple of my magazine route calls. It was the hospital in the afternoon, for Captain Butterfly as he begins the preliminaries...  all very efficient, with a lovely nurse which did help.  Her eyelashes were about a mile long I noted enviously.

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