Friday, 15 May 2015

Being Bored in Retirement?

A question often asked:  "What will you do in retirement - won't you be bored?"

Answer:   Haven't yet found the time to be bored.   For one thing, you don't retire from the Christian preaching work, but go on doing it for as long as you can, as best you can. The power of the Kingdom message is such that you long for people to hear it.  And I was out with Martin yesterday, driving in the rain, but we did start my magazine route for May (thanks Martin!), and had a few interesting talks with some lovely people. And got very wet.

So I find myself, in retirement, doing the most important and urgent work of my life.  And wrestling with the thought of keeping up with technology, as we can now witness on the doorsteps using our tablets...  (whatever they may be).

Sunny today. I have replied to a fb post that provided an opportunity for witnessing, made sandwiches for the Captain who has responded to the siren call of Butterfly Mark - and I haven't even had my breakfast yet.  Shopping, studying, housework and some daytime tv watching beckons. Plus a trip to my arthritis specialist.

And that is another thing - a lot of retirement time is taken up with medical issues...   and you just don't have the energy you had when younger.  I am wondering whether I could venture on a walk to the shops, as I used to, rather than a drive, which I have had to get used to...

decisions decisions. It will be another landmark moment if I do.

As for Captain Butterfly - he is so busy that some weeks I can only be sure he still lives here because the packed lunches keep disappearing from the fridge.  

So, no, you won't be bored in retirement.

Bea and Simon left on Tuesday.  But hopefully she will be down again soon.

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