Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Old Saw Wind

Comfrey Ermel, Ethmia quadrillella
"In May's gaud gown and ruby reckoning
 The old saw wind repeats a colder thing"

That is how the poem "May", by Karen Volkman begins.

And, as May begins on the South Coast, the old saw wind is putting white horses on the Channel - in sunshine yesterday, in rain this morning.

And there was a small tornado in Germany!

I didn't go on the field service yesterday as I felt so washed out after the arthritis attack.. I didn't even do any internet witnessing.  Nothing. Except my studying for the day, which is all about how much Jehovah loves us.  Very very comforting in my present rather crushed state.  

Though it was a busy housework day as I began, slowly slowly, a long overdue Spring clean. Which, if I keep going, will probably last till Summer.

Captain Butterfly found an exciting new (new to his camera and fairly new to the area) moth.  Its the Comfrey Ermel moth - and could be called the Dalmatian Moth.  How beautifully Jehovah made everything for us.   Which is the thought that propelled me into a search for the Creator all those years ago - when I wanted to thank Someone for the beauty of Autumn.

And who could get tired of being on this lovely earth, in this amazing universe?    Even as things are now.  But when its Paradise again...

Bea and Simon arrive Saturday and we are hosting a family lunch on Sunday.

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