Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Bank Holiday

It didn't really register that it was a Bank Holiday yesterday until I saw the crowds on Green and Beach - and the carpark full to the brim of cars.    Such important days when you are working, just another day in retirement, though one on which you would want to avoid travel if possible.

Also it didn't rain!  So where was the Bank Holiday weather.

I visited Audrey in the afternoon - she looks well and is being very well cared for.  I took her sweets and magazines, and updated her on all the congregation family news - though we probably all do that as we visit.  And then I went on to a doorstep I last called on over two years ago.  Not only was the lady at home, but we had a good talk.

She didn't seem over-thrilled to see me at first - she was expecting family and in the middle of cooking - but when I said I wouldn't keep her and handed over the magazines, she was very taken with them.  She said that only that morning she had been talking about this - about the way things are going - that the end must be coming soon.  And she said: "Its all in the Bible isn't it?"  (She is of the generation that read and respected the Inspired Scriptures.)

Yes, she said, I will certainly read them, and kept me talking quite a while. So I was so glad I went.   I then did one more call, on a young girl who we met in April. She was very very pregnant, baby due any moment, so I didn't want to call back for a while.  But its nearly two months.  Anyway, she took the May mags, and I met The Bump in person - now a sturdy and handsome young baby.

I meant to do my last two magazine route calls, but I ran right out of steam.  My energy levels are frighteningly low.  So I went home and fell asleep on the sofa.

When I was young and bursting with energy I did not really know what to do with it, how to direct it.  Now that I do have the knowledge, I don't have the energy.

This is the article that caught the attention of the lady at the door:

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