Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Under Interrogation

"Alright, I'll tell you where the British airmen are hiding", I screamed, as Captain B jackbooted towards me, injection in hand.

"For you Tommy, the war is over, so there are no British airmen hiding, and you can't fend me off that way", he gloated as he jabbed the needle in.

I am grateful to have a husband who can do the injections - twice daily.  I can at a pinch - and I hope someone notices the brilliant pun there - give them to myself. That is because the nurse at the hospital said:  "You will have to learn how inject yourself before we let you out - oh - er - not quite so quick."   I had grabbed the needle off her and jabbed it in at the speed of light.

 "Can I go home now?"

But it hurts less if the Captain does it.

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