Saturday, 21 September 2013

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

I have hardly seen the Captain recently as he has been off hunting the Snark - in this case, the long-tailed blue butterfly that has been seen Somewhere on the Coast.  And, yesterday, he found it!  He was so excited when he rung up.  He not only got photos, but some good photos - see The Captain's Log.

He is off on Metal Detecting Business today.

He forgot to make my lunch yesterday!!  Though he did leave me a flask of tea.   When he rang up to apologise, I was very very brave about it.   "Don't worry", I quavered,"I have left a note forgiving you, that will be found by my skeletal remains.   What do you mean?!  Comfortably live off my fat for the next 6 months...  How dare you!"

Anyway, I proved perfectly equal to making my usual crispbread, goats cheese and salad.

Its a lovely melancholy Autumn morning, with sun coming through clouds and a calm Channel - the tide out. Soon I hope to be looking for the Winter sunrises, with the sun reflecting red in all the pools left in the sand.  I wonder if my new knee will allow for some winter walks on the beach?

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