Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"The Fields of Thyme" by David Cohen

Been thinking a lot about the past - that Autumnal feeling is everywhere.   And also I wrote letters to both Aunt Jo and Kathryn yesterday. Aunt Jo is in the earliest photo of me ever taken, and Kathryn is an old schoolfriend. I was thinking about all the Sunday afternoons in Winter we - Kathryn, Jen and my siblings - used to spend huddled over the gasfire in our family home, making doorstep cheese and toasts.

It was a blue butterfly day.  Another exquisite blue butterfly crafted by Aunt Bea flew through our postbox, along with a copy of  "Fields of Thyme" by David Cohen.  The author had asked if he could use one of Col's photos of a large blue on the cover, and there it is, flying under the title!

Captain Butterfly is getting a lot of his work published.

Wrestling with the butterfly paperwork - getting there slowly. But I think I am still a bit shellshocked - emotionally and mentally, as well as physically.

Frances is coming over this morning - and Jackie is coming for supper - which will be cooked by the brave Captain B.

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