Friday, 13 September 2013

Flowers and Get Well Cards

Flowers from the Butterfliers, and loads of cards from family and friends. And a visit from the lovely Diane, a physical therapist, this morning.   One thing I had dreaded was going back to Gym lessons - thought I had said goodbye to them years ago. Still, they do call it a second childhood.  However, without exception, all the physios I met have been lovely and so helpful.   I am doing fine apparently, but must take my paracetamol regularly, and be slow but steady with the exercises.  And not hold my breath while I am doing them!!

That is likely some terror left over from schooldays. Shudder.

On my own for the first time as the Gallant Captain is shopping.  He is taking wonderfully good care of me and keeping me to the exercise regime.

The turmoil in my insides seems to have finally abated.

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