Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Knew Knee has a Busy Day

Don't feel wonderful this morning - new knee feeling strange and painful - and I needed my crutches to make it to the loo.  I have to remind myself it is not yet 3 weeks since the operation- so I can't expect to feel wonderful.  The knee took me to the doctors yesterday and the last bandages were removed, while Captain B had a dental emergency attended to.  The wound has healed up well, against the odds.  So I am grateful for all the prayers said to Jehovah on my behalf.  I tried to co-operate by keeping my Vitamin C levels up - lots of fresh fruit and veg, plus a daily tablet.

Odd weather yesterday - quite hot and muggy - but with a heavy sea fret hiding the Channel for most of the day.  Captain B flew off with his sandwiches.  i made a giant chicken casserole, and Ken and Jean came round for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  Jean has recently visited Tasmania and, like us, fell in love with it.  Its one of those places where you can see so clearly the Paradise the earth was always meant to be, and will be.

Then, my first social outing since Knee-Day, we went to Jackie's for supper.  She only lives round the corner and we can park right outside her house. And she has a loo on the ground floor!  Can't tackle more than couple of stairs yet.  It was the usual lovely evening, but the day exhausted me.

And, although the bandage was removed, the strange tight feeling stayed.  I am now very conscious of this alien structure within my knee.  I am also lopsided, as the physio pointed out.  In one knee, the cartilage has been artificially restored, in the other it has been completely worn away by the arthritis.

I think I am too much of a wimp to cope with old age - although the alternative...  oh dear.  What a mess we  - the children of Adam - are in.  And how grateful I am to our Creator for the rescue that is in hand.

In the meantime, we see, as prophesied, "the increasing of lawlessness" worldwide.   But this is the darkest hour before the dawn.

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  1. congratulations, Sue! it is obvious that God was watching his little sparrow be brave and self-healing...
    God bless and keep that tea hot.. my spirtit is with you. May the Force be with you, too...