Friday, 20 September 2013

Climbing Rum Doodle

I looked out of the window the morning to see sunshine...  which means Captain B will be away with the Butterflies all day.    I have just climbed Rum Doodle, via my armchair and "The Ascent of Rum Doodle" by W.E.Bowman.

It was written in the 50s and is a gentle comedy, that did make me laugh out loud now and again. Imagine Mr.Pooter taking an expedition to the Himalayas, and you have it.

Had the clips taken out yesterday - at the hospital.  My rather good-looking young surgeon (am I turning into Marcia of "Quartet in Autumn"?!) wanted me to have it done by hospital rather than GP Clinic, he seems so worried about my chances.  Anyway, I am grateful, even though it was a long long wait, and stung quite a bit as the staples came out. He seems happy with things, and wants me to have the new and final dressing removed by the Practice Nurse and my local GP Clinic.

Tony, one of my brothers from the Congregation, called in this morning, and in the afternoon i gritted my teeth and my new knee and got down to making up the membership packages. They are piled all over the hall now, waiting Captain B's next trip to the Post Office.

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