Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Strictly come dancing

Roger emailed to say that he will take me dancing when I have my new knees!   That would be thrilling, except that,  me having always been a clumsy and uncoordinated person, he might well need new feet and toes after our dance.

Butterfly Mark came round for coffee yesterday morning, bringing gifts in the shape of the new Report. It looks very elegant and I intend to read it today, and enjoy the lovely photos it is packed with.  Oops - with which is it packed.  Remember those faraway convent school grammar lessons, and never use a preposition to end a sentence with.  Oops...

What a lovely thought of Jehovah's to give us flying flowers in the shape of butterflies, and to provide us with constant miracles in the caterpillar/chrysalis/butterfly sequence.

Do butterflies remember their childhood - their caterpillar life?   That is the kind of question that I might get answered if I am granted the undeserved kindness of being in the restored earthly Paradise.

Then, in the afternoon, I did manage to totter out on the work - only three magazine route calls - but its causing me problems today.  However, I don't have to go anywhere and can rest a lot.  Its a bit depressing though, that 40 minutes out, most of it in the car, or sitting down talking to people, is so debilitating.

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