Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Clock of Terror

Thanks to the Birder Border we have a strange clock on our wall. It chimes the hour with different birdsongs.  It gave me a fright the first time I heard it. I thought a bird had got into the room and was panicking.

It did happen once when a pigeon flew in!

However, I am getting used to it now, and quite enjoying it.  Its a pretty clock too, with a face full of birds.

Yesterday I typed up the notes from the Haysbridge Convention that Audrey and I missed. We have a sister who takes amazingly comprehensive and legible notes.  It was all about our conscience - that marvelous compass given us by Jehovah.

The theme was:  Safeguard Your Conscience.  And the theme Scripture was 1 Timothy 1:19:  "Holding faith and a good conscience, which some have thrust aside and have experienced shipwreck concerning [their] faith."

To help us to avoid such shipwreck, seven questions were asked and answered during the programme:

1, What is hazardous to our conscience?
2.  How can we train it?
3.  How can we be clean from the blood of all men?
4.  What does thinking and acting on Bible principles reveal about us?
5.  How can we avoid wounding the consciences of others?
6.  Young ones, how can you bear up when under pressure?
7.  What blessings come to those who follow their spirit directed conscience?

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