Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Mysteries of the Internet

I keep sending myself spam email - of the pharmacy kind.  I wish I would stop. I mark it up as spam, I delete it, I shout sternly at myself, but still it comes.

Captain Butterfly has flown off to Mill Hill (I think), to try to see the first Dingy Skipper for the 2013 season.   There has been no jubilant phone call yet...  Dingy is not a kind name.  It is a pretty butterfly, though not colourful as so many are.  But its still a miracle - a flying jewel.  And I have finally got what looks like my Surgeons appointment. So, IF I am going to be offered the operations, and IF I can face being in hospital, and IF it all goes well... then I hope hope hope that maybe I will be getting back out on the butterfly haunts next butterfly season.

I will be missing our bluebell walks this year too.  Perhaps I should have sub-titled this blog "In which I whinge about my knees, yet again".

Compelling stuff.

We managed to shop this morning, and the Captain took my mail to the Post Office.  Which reminds me that I must ask him for the receipt.  The butterfly postage comes out of expenses.  In theory, this afternoon, I need to study, to make a chicken casserole for tomorrow, and make a cake (for the lunchboxes).

We are going to Jackie's for supper tonight.  

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