Thursday, 4 April 2013


Just before bed last night I had a long conversation (on Skype) with Anne of the Cape, and then I watched a graphic programme about childbirth - "One borne every minute".  Thank goodness all the babies made it this time, but it was harrowing. And wonderful. As one of the midwives said, with shining eyes, "Its a miracle, the whole process, And we get to see this miracle every day at work".


It caused me to have a vivid dream in which I had two babies.  But I had failed to turn up for their birth - rather a wise decision in view of what the poor ladies on the programme went through.  Apparently Roger had dealt with it all in my absence, and had wrapped the babies up waiting for me when I got home.   But when I came home to this strange dream house I couldn't find where he had put them.  I was just thinking that at any moment they would start crying and I would be able to track them down when I woke up. Which was a relief.

Its the meeting at the Hall tonight - a drive-myself evening as the Captain will be busy marshalling a fun run.  I only hope no-one slashes my tires. There has been some vandalism at our new Hall, and some of the brothers' tires have been slashed.   Apparently the Police are now involved.

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