Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lemming Thursday?

There was more sea fret on Thursday.  The  Channel disappeared for much of the day, leaving even the Green looking a bit virtual.

It wasn't a day of dizzying excitements.  We had a big supermarket shop - including a shop for a friend who also has arthritis  - a trip to the Post Office - and then it was a collapse onto the sofa for me.  I did manage to get to the meeting, although only just.  So glad I did.

Friday was a grey day, some rain earlier.  The Green was very green and the Channel a pale turquoise grey.

 Had a long telephone chat with Jacks  - who is coming over for a fish and chip supper tonight - and Maggie, who I hope to see on Sunday.  And of course Audrey. And the Sheffield sisters and I had a lot of to and froi-ing by email over some facebook happenings.   Captain B was off on a 1 day course at Sussex Uni.  He was on another course on Thursday evening, about how to help people in dangerous stages of depression.   And the stresses of life seem to be ensuring there are quite a lot of them.  We are living in what the Christian Greek Scriptures call "difficult times, hard to deal with", as this present system of things on the earth approaches its end.

Unfortunately, it reminded me of an episode in The Brittas Empire, when Mr.Brittas decided to become a Samaritan, and they let him spend a whole day manning the phones.  Not surprisingly, he wasn't a success.  "They called it 'Lemming Sunday'".

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