Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Rhino has flown, and landed somewhere else

Roger is back on his travels, wending his way towards Africa.  He left on Saturday morning. We had a lovely evening with Jackie on the Friday, and Roger made her laugh so much she thought she had cricked her neck.

Its very cold - frost on my car this morning - dealt with by Captain Wonderful as he set off on his treasure hunt.    "Find a Viking Horde today" I wittered as he left "and we can have my knees done privately".

He did come back with a George 3(?) halfpenny- but I doubt that would finance an ingrowing toenail, let alone a pair of knees.  I got to the Hall for the meeting this morning, and Mick gave us a wonderful encouraging talk.  Which we all need. So many of us are ill - and the pressures on the children are so tough now. The peer pressure is very different from what it was when I was at school - when Noah's Ark was still drying off on its mountain top.

Roger came on Thursday night to have a look at the new Hall.  He said he was impressed by the range of age groups - from very young to very old.  It really is a family.

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