Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Glowing Watercolour Morning

At my computer at 6.30 this morning, I was able to look out over a glowing watercolour morning - layers of turquoise, shading into soft glowing blues, whites and greys as the Channel met the sky.  Nearly an hour later, the layers are still in place, but the colours have changed. It would perhaps take a painter to say exactly how.

We had a lovely evening with Tom and Jill last night.  And a lovely supper too, as Jill is a very good cook.It rained.  Their garden is full of daffodils. Each one a miracle of beauty and engineering.

Coffee with Audrey later on, and otherwise a quiet day, I hope.

Col and I are watching "The New Avengers" episode by episode - and loving it.   The last one we saw had the villains of the piece finding doubles of Steed, Gambit and Purdy (in between twirling their moustachios and cackling evilly).  Wonderful. I am looking foward to tonight's episode.

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