Friday, 29 March 2013

A Visitor from Planet ExExpat

Roger - exPlanetExpat - arrived yesterday, hurray, so the day before I was tottering around dusting and cleaning and doing a load of washing.  And finishing my studying for the meeting.  He and Captain B drove me to the Kingdom Hall, helped me in, and collected me afterwards.

The Memorial on Tuesday night was a wonderful occasion, made extra special by having the Captain beside me and being able to hold his hand during the prayers.  Maggie saved us seats, and the other Jackie's lovely young granddaughter sat in front of us.   I think there were nearly two hundred people in attendance, and yet our new Hall didn't seem overfull as the old one used to. We fitted in well.

None of the people I invited came, but at least they were invited.  I got the last 4 invites to the doors just in time - thanks to my gallant chauffeur Captain B, who drove me to each house on the road and waited in the car.  Its a road where you can't really park as every front garden is a driveway.

Jackie is joining us for supper tonight - an Abel & Cole chicken pie with veggies and mashed potatoes -  pie and mash.

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