Friday, 15 March 2013

Hackery - The Return!!!!

Deer blog reeders - my blog and myself have been MUGGED WHile holiding in the foring country of Remoteistan andlost OUR Money and paspots.  CAN U SEND uS sum money quickly -&whileU R doing SO leave yur bank account details and I wILL SEND A MILLiON dollAS to yo...

No!  I have woken up to find that I am hacking into my own blog.  This is too much. And in such dreadful ungrammatical English too.  Please don't send anything.  As my regular readers will know, I am hardly capable of travelling anywhere  -let alone to Remoteistan - plus I am not letting this blog go without me.

I did make it to the Hall last night though - and was Janet's householder - on the big platform.  Ironically I was not a little girl who ever wanted to be a star of stage and screen. In school plays I was more than content to be Third Toadstool on the back row.  Though I admit I did have an ambition - unfulfilled - to get to be an angel in one of the nativity plays, so I could wear those lovely wings.

Anyway, there I was on the platform with quite an audience. And not wanting to let Jehovah, or Janet, down got me through it.   I set off early on my journey to the platform, skilfully driving my walking stick, picked up Janet en route, and we arrived on the platform early, as instructed by our Ghanaian brother who was supervising the school.

I had to start.  "No", I said "Let me stop you there. I am a Christian, and I know that you Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Jesus".  Janet then patiently showed me, from the Bible, that we do, and gave me my invitation to the Memorial of Jesus' death.  En route, she explained how the Bible shows that it is only the saints, or "holy ones", who go to heaven, but that the hope for most of us is to live forever in the restored earthly Paradise.

I can remember being shown what the Bible on my shelf actually says, all those years ago, in my Northern hometown.  And am so grateful that the Jehovah's Witnesses called on me.

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