Monday, 4 March 2013

Back to the Field Service Group?

Hopefully I will pick Audrey up early tomorrow and we will get to the group and go out and help with distributing the invitations to the Memorial.  All my blog readers should be getting offered one I hope - wherever you are.

We will see whether these two months of gym lessons (physio) have helped at all.

Went to Jackie for supper on Saturday night.  Usually lovely meal - mediterranean chicken casserole, followed by carrot cake.

I have been reading "Mary Barton" (Mrs Gaskell) and re-reading "Edina" (Mrs Henry Woods).  Both books reference the terrible poverty of the working poor - but Mrs Henry Woods with much more of a "rich man at his castle, poor man at his gate" attitude than Mrs. Gaskell.  I wonder if the second lady had more direct and face to face dealings with the poor and their actual lives than the second...

The problem with "All Things Bright and Beautiful" is exactly that verse.   The rich man at his castle etc., as it goes on to say: "God made them high and lowly and ordered their estate".     Only of course the Bible does not say that.  It says God made two perfect human beings, put them in a Paradise garden, and told them he wanted them to turn the whole earth into a Paradise, and populate it with a human family that would be united in love for its Creator and for each other.

A very different scenario.

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