Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Soup that Didn't Bark in the Night

I am having a hectic Saturday. Captain Butterfly took me to the Arundel Wetland Trust for lunch.  He was convinced he had taken me there before and got quite cross when I said I couldn't remember it.  "Yes" he said testily, as we walked into the rather splendid place, "you said you thought the soup wasn't as good as at Warnham".

"You brought me here and the only thing I noticed was the soup?", I said, pushing my way through herds of exotic waterfowl.  "Hmm, yes,to be honest, that does sound like me".

I was wondering if I was going to have to add Alzheimers to my list of ailments when he remembered that it wasn't me he had brought there, but a fellow Butterfly enthusiast.

That was a relief.   And the soup - vegetable curry - was excellent.

We looked for Ratty and the Kingfisher but didn't find either. But it is the weekend and there were a lot of children about, so perhaps they were sensible staying indoors.  It is very cold too.

You can see plenty of lovely photos of them on The Captain's Log though.

We then shopped at our new Morrisons - and are going to Jackie's tonight.

I am reading Mrs Gaskell's "Mary Barton" for the first time - and must blog about it.  Such poverty. Are we returning to it? 

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