Friday, 30 March 2012


Bea left yesterday.  It feels quite strange without her.  I took her to the Station at lunchtime, after a long session with the Injection Nurse (who was very nice and reassuring).   She stayed with me a long time after the injection, just to be sure that there wasn't going to be a severe reaction.

Apart from the fact that I got the injection capsule upside down and tried to inject myself with the button end, the mechanics of it all went smoothly.   But that is the story of my life really.  If there is a stick lying around somewhere, that is sure to be me holding firmly on to the wrong end of it.

Today I am reminded why I am trying this drastic medication, as it is back to the painful struggle to stand up once again. The nurse said it will take about three months to know if the injections are working.

The Thai branch of the family and his sister came over for lunch on Wednesday.  Chicken salad, with hot bread, and some rather nice coconut and lime ice cream bought with my own fair hands (from Waitrose).  We caught up on the Thai news and the Home County news.  It is much harder to keep in touch since the mothers - the twins - died, as we used to all meet up regularly when visiting the maternal home bases.

Jackie had us over for supper on Tuesday night.  Prawn cocktail, pork, and meringue with ice cream. Delicious, and a fun evening with lots of laughter.

I won't make it to the group tomorrow morning, but I do hope to be able to get out and call on some not homes and return visits - and deliver that magazine for Maggie.  It depends on whether or not my knees will let me drive.

There seems to be a manufactured petrol crisis on at the moment.  One poor woman has had her life totally changed because of it, as she got badly burnt trying to fill up jerrycans of petrol.

What next?

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