Monday, 26 March 2012


Tried - but can't sleep.  One of the downsides of old age.  Might as well do quick blog.  Hall cleaning yesterday.  Apparently we have a good report from the brothers whose Hall we are using at the moment - so I hope we can keep up the standard.  Only one more clean to go, then its another group's turn.  The next time we clean ought to be in our new Kingdom Hall.  Gave the young Ghanaian brother in charge of the Cleaners a lift home.

Jackie, Tom and Jill were over on Saturday night to join the three of us in a Thai takeaway, plus a smoked salmon starter from Lidls.

Weather - hot and summery - however, we desperately need rain, as a hosepipe ban starts next week.

Was asked, on FB, what my favourite Spring poem is.  And realised it is definitely "Four Ducks on a Pond" by William Allingham.  It is about one of those moments when you see the Paradise earth.  My first such moment came at the age of 4 (perhaps early 5) when I was playing shop with a little friend in a soot-blackened stone garden in Sheffield.  It was late Spring and blossom petals were lying all around us.

I knew i was in Paradise - though I couldn't define the feeling of course.  I knew even then that "the original serpent" was still in the garden - also without being able to define it.

But now i know I did see Paradise, albeit a spoilt one.  And I also know that it will be restored. All those years at school saying the Lord's Prayer over and over - and I never realised what i was praying for, or how it connected with that childhood memory.

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