Sunday, 11 March 2012

Last Day at the Hall

Today was the last meeting at our Kingdom Hall.  It will be demolished tomorrow. 

I did suggest that to save time and money they got me to try to reverse my car in the carpark - but I think they wondered if the consequent demolition might spread too far and affect the neighbours, who have all been wonderfully good and helpful about this.  It will mean 3 months of building work, and they have all been very supportive, even offering garden space for storing building things!

They must appreciate us as neighbours - and its good of them to show it.

We have also had some large financial contributions from neighbouring congregations, which have helped so much, as it is an expensive business.

Other than that a quiet day for me.  El Capitano was out treasure hunting in the morning and was back to watch the athletics and the rugby in the afternoon.

Hollywood still hasn't made me an offer for the rights to "Old Playgrounds" yet.  Its a mystery.

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