Monday, 2 April 2012

In Arundel Woods

Captain and Mrs Butterfly were photographing orange tips in the woods near Arundel this afternoon.  Lovely fresh perfect orange tips.
male Orange-tip
I was wondering if, say, fifty years ago, the woods would have been ablaze with them?

The white something - I thought it was stitchwort, but in fact it is... wood anenome was blooming everywhere and the bluebells are just starting.  Horrendous traffic due to the roadworks.   It is a lovely day - perfect blue skies - not a rain cloud in sight (though we desperately need some rain) - but coldish.  Perfect walking weather really, if only I could walk.
Bea emailed to say she had got safely back home, and Audrey rang re our field service tomorrow.

I am trying to remember what happened at the weekend.  Captain B was in London on Saturday - wearing his dive hat.   I didn't get to the morning field service - too zapped by the new meds - but did get out for an hour in the afternoon.

Sunday was the meeting, with a lovely talk that I wish everyone in the world could have heard.   And at some stage I polished and dusted everything - and did four loads of washing.  The Captain did the ironing which was very noble.

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