Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Unicorn at Pulborough Brooks

This afternoon the Captain and myself went for a long walk at Pulborough Brooks.  We saw innumerable birds, squirrels, three fat rabbits, lovely white cows and a unicorn (aka a white deer).   It was an afternoon of wonderful light, but quite cold. We wrapped up well.
I was out this morning on the field service with Audrey, but was not at my best.  I was very tired from our day in London yesterday - we went to the Wildlife Photography Exhibition at the Natural History Exhibition with Jackie.

We like to go every year if we can as it is fantastic.   London was sunny but very cold.  It was "the March wind doth blow and we shall have snow" weather.  The snow hasn't arrived here yet, but it might.

Jacks came over for  supper at the weekend - we had chicken casserole, followed by cheese platter and cream meringues.

Beryl came over today to view the flat and have a cup of tea.  She wants to downsize and is thinking seriously about buying into our block. We have a splendid view of the English Channel and the flats are nice and spacious.

I hope to officially put up the URL for the poetry book tomorrow, though Dan has already put it into comments.   I want to do a Poetry Book blog, and should have time, as I have nothing else planned.  Though the butterfly paperwork for the month should be fluttering through my letterbox any moment.

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