Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Old Playgrounds

"Old Playgrounds" - edited by me - is now out on Kindle and shortly to appear in hard copy.  It is a short book of poetry, verse and prose, and hopefully a small addition to the family archive.

The Kindle version is available here:

iPhone / iPod  and iPad users can view it using the free Kindle app available here.

I hope that family and friends will enjoy it - and I hope that anybody else who reads it will enjoy it too.  We tried to make it an interesting selection.

One of the family dogs appears in it, as does Pauline's dog Scuttle.  Both sadly are long gone.  But they are definitely not forgotten.

Did I say in a previous blog that the book was to be called "A Squirrel in Winter" featuring my poem of the same name? Well, neither name nor poem made it through.  However, if I have a stunning success with this one and Hollywood buys the rights, and are later looking for "Playground 2 - The Revenge!!", at least I have something in reserve.

Did shamefully little today apart from getting out to do a big shop before the rain started, doing my studying for the day and feeding the Captain and myself.

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