Monday, 19 March 2012

The House of Three Milks Rides Again

It will ride again, that is, as soon as I have done my supermarket shop and got in the soya milk for Bea who is arriving this week.  Yesterday was my first drive to the new (temporary) Kingdom Hall and back.  With a lot of praying, I managed it, and also found the road I could park the car on.  One of the brothers had given me directions - they are obviously desperate to keep me out of the Hall carpark. And who could blame them?

It was quite a long session for the elders as they had to stay on for another meeting connected with the Hall building afterwards.  It is the turn of our field service group to clean, so two of us were vacuuming, and I was darting in and out of the toilets trying to clean them, hampered by lots of siblings still in the building, and not finding out where the cleaning supplies are kept until I had nearly finished (I had bought a few basic supplies from home).

Today, the Captain is tropical butterflying - and I have been spring cleaning, ironing, studying and catching up on my emails.  A nice quiet day in.

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