Thursday, 15 March 2012

The first meeting at the new Hall - and I become a moth-er again

I am having to award myself a white feather for Wimpiness as Col drove me to the Hall last night - and picked me up outside afterwards.   He volunteered, I didn't ask.  But I was only too glad to accept.  I hope to do it Sunday, so that I will be able to drive myself there and back  for the first time in daylight.  Its not so much the driving as the parking. Very difficult,  Plus they have some roadworks and traffic lights right outside the Hall at the moment, which doesn't help.

Wonderful meeting though.  The teaching gets better and better and better.  If, as I hope, I am still being taught by Jehovah a thousand years from now, how wonderful will it be then?!

It must be Spring, as Maurice the Micro-moth has just turned up in the kitchen.  So I have a moth baby to nurture once again.  Although Maurice looks the self sufficient type.  Personality wise he doesn't seem to be anything like that charmer, Maurice the Mussel.

Maurice the Moth hasn't told me once yet that i look much too young to be his mother.

"That's 'cause he probably thinks you're his gran" came a voice from the kitchen.

I had better take myself out on the Christian preaching work - quick.

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