Thursday, 2 February 2012

February begins...

... and its cold. Snow this weekend apparently.   A whole 3 inches has been forecast.   Snowmaggedon!

Back to the field this morning - Steve swung by and took me to the Bible student and we studied for an hour.  Our student was saying that he had read Isaiah many times, but never understood it till now.  And, touchingly, he said he had never had anyone to talk to about the Bible before.

It reminds me of when I began my study with the two Jehovah's Witnesses who called - all those years ago.   Some very happy and amazing memories of that time.  But there will be difficulties and obstacles too, and I must keep asking Jehovah that he will help our student over every one of them.

Captain Butterfly is staving off butterfly starvation in the bleak no-butterfly months by visiting Wisley regularly and bringing back some wonderful photos of the tropical butterflies.  See the Captain's Log.

Made soup and baked apple and custard for his hungry Lordship's return, and went to the Hall for the meeting - really really cold but no frost or snow, yet.   Sat with Audrey and gave her a lift back.

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