Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fluorescent Seagulls

The sky today has been amazing - blue, big fluffy white clouds, with seagulls fluorescing across it.  I was wanting everyone to stop and look - and think about what its telling them.

"The heavens are declaring the glory of God
 And of the work of his hands the expanse is telling."

Lovely meeting at the Hall - v. interesting talk about the fruitage of a belief in evolution versus the fruitage of a belief in Genesis, which says that we are all one family and all made in God's image.

I managed to finish my magazine route and had a good talk with one young girl.

Had a terrible night. Couldn't get warm, even though I had the electric blanket on, and then had feverish dreams and awakenings all night, in which I had to make over a hundred hot meals for the congregation very urgently.  It was a relief to wake up and find that no cooking was required.  I don't know whether i am going down with some horrible bug, or whether its the medication making me strange.  At least I am off it for the moment - my last dose was yesterday.

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