Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What to say about today

Yesterday we - Captain B, Jackie and myself - went to Wisley.  It was a beautiful day - blue sky - fluffy white clouds - banks of crocus at Wisely - and the ponds and puddles all iced.  The Glasshouse was very hot. Jackie and I had enough after an hour, and went off for a coffee.  We also looked at the hatching frames - where there were miracles aplenty - tree nymphs hatching out of their golden cocoons.  There should be a lot of photos on the Captain's Log.

Today I took Audrey shopping and we went out on the work. We worked in a street behind the station with Ken and Jean. Once again Audrey did place some magazines. I am not finding much interest at the moment, but the brother taking the field service group may well have told me why.  He asked "Did we all pray about our field service before we go out?"  

The problem is that I am so worried about the driving that I have only been praying - fervently - about that.  I must ask Jehovah to help me with the witnessing as well as the driving before Maggie and I go out tomorrow.

We also finished Audrey's magazine route - and did some not at homes that she had.

Then tiredness overtook me - again - and I have done nothing - beyond getting us lunch and tea and doing my studying.

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