Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Bear/Salmon Thing

"You can't leave it at that. You must explain about the bear salmon thing (in your last blog)".  Or so my readers clamoured.  Or at least one of them, Captain B, did.   But can I explain it in the way Chris Packham did?  Answer to that is no...

But, in brief, the bear take the salmon out of the river - usually away from the riverside and into the woods to eat in peace so their salmon is not stolen by a larger bear - they only eat the best of the salmon as there are so many in the river when the salmon run - so there are lots of leftovers in the woods - those leftovers are then taken by smaller predators - who, for safety's sake, take them further away - then birds take the scraps.   The result is that a lot of salmon gets taken a long way inland, rots down and fertilises the ground, hence making and prospering the very woodlands in which the bears live.

It is a delicate balance and could be very easily disrupted.  Especially by us intensively fishing up all the salmon.  And I am thinking guiltily that we shared a tin of red salmon for our salad tea tonight...  we don't eat a lot of meat or fish, but it seems horribly insensitive now I come to think of it.

And we didn't donate any to the local flora and fauna either. We ate it all. Every scrap.  Though I had to growl at Captain Butterfly occasionally to make sure he didn't get any ideas about what was on my plate.

When Paradise is restored, the salmon will run in peace, and the bears will have nothing to fear from other bears, or from us.

My householder, came round today and she and I went through my talk a couple of times.  I hope its going to be OK, I usually have more time to devote to writing it.  I did a big shop - studied - emailed - cleaned and tidied.  And couch potatoed.

Blood test tomorrow, last of meds on Friday, and then off to see The Specialist in a week or so.

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