Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Poetry Book

The family Poetry collection is coming on well. We are searching for a cover photo now - Col has sent off a selection and we will leave it to Gabi's artist's eye.   The name has changed, which means that the original title poem - mine - has had to go.

If I ever do another collection, I will use it and go back to the original title.

For some reason I was thinking today of a poem by William Brown - from the Richmal Crompton books.  I hope Miss Crompton wouldn't have minded me putting it on the blog.   The William books were a very happy part of my childhood, so this is a thank you.

Miss Milton the Sunday School teacher is organising the children in her class to take part in a village pageant.  Each one of them is to be a bird, and have a little verse they will say - supplied by Miss M herself.

William is to be a tomtit.  And this is his verse:
"Around the garden I do flit
 Tom Tit I am, I am Tom Tit."

William is not too happy with this. He wants to be a vulture - and has written his own verse:
"I swoop down upon 'em and then
 Dead men I eat, I eat dead men."

"Miss Milton paled."

That would be quite a title for a poetry collection.  "Miss Milton Paled".

I did try to live up to my talk about the faith that Peter showed in that he kept on following in Jesus' footsteps no matter what - and I got out on the door to door work this morning.  It is the work that he left for his followers to do.  We covered our territory and left little tracts where we still couldn't find people at home.

I hope to be out again tomorrow.

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