Sunday, 12 February 2012

A winter sunrise and a summer poem

Captain Camera has been out on the cold balcony taking photos of a lovely winter sunrise.  The Channel has disappeared to its far horizons and the red sun is reflecting in all the seapools it has left.  Don't worry seapools - your mum will soon be back.

A wonderful start to the day.  My poor little car looks cold down there.

Jean and I were out on the field service yesterday - just for an hour as it was freezing.  Its the meeting today and we are going to see Chris Packham tonight.  Am still wrestling with the third difficult letter, but the other two, plus that last mysterious butterfly membership, went in the post yesterday.

When my sisters were here Col was looking through all his boxes and boxes of slides, so we saw the young us over and over at various stages.  How young we all were once...

And we were surprised how many butterfly photos he has taken over the years.   I was reminded of a poem I wrote years and years ago about our holiday in the Italian Tyrol - which is one of those places where it is easy to see the Paradise the earth was always meant to be and will become.  Thank you Philip and Seppi for suggesting we took ourselves down there. We were there in June and spent days in mountain meadows full of wildflowers.

                by me

Through Colin’s camera we saw
 The tiny details of the Tyrol
 Little flat mushrooms
 Stained glass inside flowers
 And on moths’ wings
 One foot of Tyrolean meadow
 Could occupy us all day. 

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