Tuesday, 31 January 2012

More family funerals

To end the month on a sad, but hopeful note, I was at a family funeral today.  It was a simple memorial service at the Kingdom Hall.  One of my sisters, Win, had died. She was not young, in her nineties and had been in a home for nearly two years.  

Given that I wasn't able to get up North to say goodbye to my last two aunts, or to Helen's funeral (another sister) even though it was only local, I am so glad I was well enough to get to this one.

Malcolm gave a perfect talk - as near as anything can be perfect in this system of things.  And I learnt a bit more the history of this little seaside town, as Win had lived here for nearly all her life.

I also learnt how much she loved the creation, and that she especially loved trees.   So now I am thinking that maybe, when she next opens her eyes, it will be in a forest clearing, somewhere in the Paradise earth, perhaps in May when all the leaves are so new and so green.

She was also noted for being a doer - her motto being "I would rather do than not".  

Which made me worry a bit about my Memorial service should I have one.  I am hoping not to have to die at all.   But given that my special skill is Couch Potato-ing... oh dear.

And that is all I have been doing so far this afternoon.  

It was a reasonably busy morning in that I took Audrey to the bank and shopping, then we went out and finished my magazine route for January.  Then I shopped myself, picked up meds from Pharmacy (that is an occupation that takes up a fair amount of retirement - no time as yet to experience this boredom that some people have warned about), went to the Kingdom Hall to say goodbye to Win - and cooked - well more heated up - a late lunch for Captain Hungry and me and that was it.

Very overcast day and as cold as it has been.   The Channel is a calm grey blue almost disappearing into a same coloured sky.

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