Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nigel Kennedy

Another great trek last night - to see Nigel Kennedy in Brighton - his home town.  Col bought the tickets - very very expensive tickets - months ago.   Would I be able to go?   My afternoons and evenings are much easier now, plus we could park next to the venue and there were no steps.  So we went - us and Jacks.

Nigel and his musicians played - and played with - the Four Seasons.   And maybe it was something like hearing it for the very first time.  A wonderful evening.

Half his musicians were beautiful young girls - and were from all over the world - from Oz, from Poland, from the UK - there was a beautiful Vietnamese-Irish singer.  There was a Nigerian singer, who took over the stage at one point, and probably fills concert halls on his own.

Beautiful young girls...   as I am going to become 65 this year, I must remember to savour the last months of being a lovely young thing of 64.

Ten years lasts no time.  Its an immensity of time when we are young.  The years from 1 to 10, the years from 10 to 20, even the 20 to 30 years seem to take a little while to go by.  But after that!

It was as I was approaching 40 that i began to truly realise just how short our lives are now.

We have seven decades - hopefully - and a bit  - to be with the people we love and be in this lovely lovely world.   It was feeling the wrongness of it, and feeling more and more conscious every day of the beauty of the world, that made me begin to look for the Creator of it,  the meaning of it.

Was there any meaning to it all?

And then I found out the truth of Jesus words - that if you keep on seeking, you will find.  But keep on - don't give up.

And I must now get back to the meetings and the door to door preaching work, as I so much want others to know that we are being offered life, to time indefinite, in the restored earthly Paradise.

I don't think Nigel Kennedy and his musicians would ever get tired of music.  Or us of hearing them.

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