Thursday, 19 January 2012

An Outing

I think its time I posted another poem, or verse...  I can't do much else.  The effort  of getting out of bed/chair and walking about the flat is exhausting me.  Through some wonderful engineering, Captain Butterfly managed to get me to the doctors for my blood test yesterday.  He piled up the car seat with cushions and pillows, packed me in and strapped me in and managed to extract me at the other end without the help of a Giant Tin Opener driven by the SAS.

Because I wasn't able to straighten my arms, getting the blood was a bit difficult and I now have two bandaged arms.

It was a cold wet misty day, with the occasional flake of snow. But it was lovely to be outside again.

Its grey today with a wavy Channel, but not cold considering its mid Winter.

I got some lovely emails yesterday.  One from my sister in law in Bavaria, and one from Aunt Bea.  And lots of phone calls from my siblings in the congregation.  And we heard some good news about Janet's brother!

Anyway, to the poem.  It's very short so no need to panic.  It was written many years ago, on a very different sort of Winter's day, when we were staying with friends in Thailand.

  by me

 Frangipani blossom in a plastic cup
 And the sprinklers singing
 In the cool morning air
 As the sun revs up.

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