Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saturday night with Tom and Jill - and the selfishness of Vikings

Captain Butterfly took me on a forced march to Pagham Harbour yesterday afternoon.  It was overcast and coldish with about 10 minutes of beautiful light as the sun came briefly through the clouds.  I hope Col caught it - if so, there will be a photo on his blog at some stage.  Later on we went to Tom and Jill's rambling country cottage for dinner, picking up Jacks en route.  Home made fish and chips - and home made orange ice-cream, plus champagne.  Brilliant.  And a lovely evening with lots of laughs, which I needed as being ill for a month has left me feeling a bit sad.

Then being back with my brothers and sisters in the congregation, being taught, and cared for this morning built me up too. Audrey and I hope to be back into our Tuesday morning routine this week.

Col is off Metal Detecting.  I suggested it might be helpful in these credit crunch days if he would find and bring back a Viking Horde, but he pointed out, with weary patience, that the Vikings didn't make it this far south.

How thoughtless of them.  Did they give no consideration to our retirement income?

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