Monday, 9 January 2012

Another bad night - and my Everest Climb

Another bad night - disappointing as I thought i felt quite a bit better yesterday.  Poor Captain Sleepless.  Every other minute it seems I was moaning and groaning as my knees locked or my shoulder locked or my hands locked. And I had to get up twice - a business akin to climbing Everest at the moment.

A bulletin re my proposed Everest Climb:  I am planning to be the first to reach the top by stairlift, as soon as one is installed.  You can sit in comfort, have lots of flasks of hot tea, and read a good book during the boring bits.  The subsequent best seller will be called "Into Thin Stair".

Its a good thing we have such a wonderful view from our flat, or I might be going stir crazy by now.  In fact, that is a retirement tip I am now qualified to pass on.  Retire to a place with interesting windows.   Because you never know.

Also, a very strange thought.  IF the Specialist can't get this under control at my imminent new medication appointment, maybe I have made my last trip North?

That is something I can't get my head round.

I am watching a calm, but rather ominous, dark grey Channel at the moment, with lots of cloud above with the risen sun coming through in patches.  And the valiant dog walkers are out on the Green.   And when the sea is stormy I can watch the waves crashing and crashing on the beach.

Obviously I am asking Jehovah for help and keeping up with my studying and even managing some witnessing, as I have been talking to people via email. Bob L from the USA had sent me an interesting site just before we went oop North, and I have had an interesting challenge in talking to him about that from the Biblical point of view.

And help came the other day in a wonderful way.  I rang up Steve to ask how our Bible student was doing - and got an update.  He has been taking a different brother and sister every week, so Mr.Student has been getting to know the congregation.  Plus he has been being taught by much better teachers than me.  And now he is talking of coming to the meetings.

It reminds me of me in my early days as I began to understand.

So it gave me such a feeling of joy, which is exactly what i needed. Jehovah is called "the God of all comfort".   I was talking to Audrey on the phone and saying that all our calls on Mr.Student over the last couple of years are starting to bear some wonderful fruit.

Thanks to Jehovah and to his spirit, which He is obviously giving to this Bible student, as you can't understand the Bible without it.

An example.  For many years I thought that the Bible said the aim for Christians was to get to heaven.  Even when I stopped believing, I still thought the Bible said that.  Yet, all the time, the Bible records that Jesus said the meek would inherit "the earth".  The earth, not heaven.

It wasn't till I began my study, nearly 25 years ago now, that I began to understand.  I so much hope that the student will continue, and will start to come to meetings, and will seek the true Refuge from the horrors of this present system of things.

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